Colors of Blood (Everyone Bleeds)


I was inspired by a comment I saw on the internet (I can’t remember what site it came from) for this piece. That person claimed that everyone bleeds the same blood, but I disagree. There are MANY different hues and tints to blood depending on who the person is that is bleeding at the time. Other examples include when someone has a black eye, a bruise, or is simply blushing. Hence the title of this piece, “Colors of Blood (Everyone Bleeds).” Fun Fact: This is the only artwork I have EVER done so far that is abstract. All of the other artwork on this site is cartoony in appearance. However, I am planning to make more abstract art in the future.


A mixed media piece, this artwork was made with Crayola Colored Pencils (that are no longer sold), a Prismacolor Crimson Red PC924 Colored Pencil and Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended.