How To Purchase Digital Art on This Website:

  1.  After you are done selecting the art you want to buy, go to the CHECKOUT PAGE.

  2. Fill out the spaces provided (your name and last name).

  3. Choose how you want to pay for the art (by using PayPal, a Credit Card/Debit Card, or Google Pay).

  4. Submit your information.

  5. Once processed, look for a link that appears at the bottom of your computer screen. 

  6. Click on the link to download the art you just bought

  7. Make sure to SAVE the art because ONLY 1 LINK is provided PER PURCHASE! (Example: purchase 1 piece of art & 1 link will be provided; purchase 2 pieces of art, 2 links will be provided, etc.) BE CAREFUL!!!!

If you have any further questions even after reading this carefully, contact me at this email address: